Beware of Facebook scam: There is no free iPad mini

Image of Beware of Facebook scam: There is no free iPad mini

You can count on the scam artists to keep up with the latest in technology.

Less than a week after the launch of Apple’s new iPad mini, Facebook users are the target of a scam that is offering them one of the mini tablets totally free.

The computer and online security company Sophos warns in its blog Naked Security that clicking on the link will take you to a ‘request for permission’ page on Facebook. If you hand over permission, instead of getting a free iPad you’ll be allowing a rogue Facebook application to be installed. That in turn will let the scam artists spread their bogus message to all your Facebook friends.

And your Facebook friends, thinking they can trust messages from you, will continue spreading the rogue application.

“What you certainly shouldn’t do is trust messages from your Facebook friends about how you can receive an iPad Mini for free,” Sophos advises in its blog post.

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