Online users warned about 'Woolworths' scam

Image of Online users warned about 'Woolworths' scam

Internet and mobile phone users are being warned about scam messages claiming to be Woolworths supermarket offering cash for completing a survey.

Consumer Protection says a number of WA residents received fake emails, Facebook messages and text messages this week, asking them to answer five questions about the supermarket to claim $50 cash.

It asks customers to rate the store's performance, then asks for the recipient's name, address, driver's licence number, Medicare number and bank account details.

Consumer Protection's David Hillyard says the scam is highly convincing.

"They've replicated everything to make it look legitimate," he said.

"They are not littered with spelling mistakes that we might normally see in things which have been put together by people from overseas, so it looks quite professional."

Mr Hillyard says people can do a quick background check online if they suspect something is a scam.

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