Beta Bot Banking Trojan Disables Your Security

Image of Beta Bot Banking Trojan Disables Your Security

A recently discovered piece of malware called Beta Bot started out as a humble Web-page automated script, but over the last five months, it has evolved into a credible threat that will do whatever's necessary to survive.

Now an invasive banking Trojan, the new and improved Beta Bot can block anti-virus software, security websites and even other malware in its quest to steal user information and share it with hackers.

The Trojan — which has targeted large banks, social networking sites and online payment platforms — can’t do anything without a victim's direct approval. The program takes the curious step of displaying a pop-up that resembles an official Windows message box, asking whether a user wants to allow the "Windows Command Processor" to modify its computer.

If users say no, the program never activates. If they say yes, however, they've effectively given hackers permission to steal their information. The program automatically downloads malicious files online, spreads itself via Skype or USB hookups, and redirects users to hacked websites.

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