Mobile Phishing: How to avoid getting hooked

Image of Mobile Phishing: How to avoid getting hooked

Phishing, or using false URLs and other measures to gain access to user accounts, bank details and private information, is nothing new.
As long as there's money to be made trying to fool us into giving up details that should remain private, illicit types will try just about anything that might work, because even one positive hit could make it all worthwhile to them.
Mobile Phishing is still in its infancy, but it's on the rise, with 2012 figures from Trend Micro suggesting that some 4,000 fake phishing sites identified were specifically targeting mobile users.
That's still a growth industry - only around one per cent of the total number of dodgy sites spotted - but it makes perfect sense when you think about the shift in recent years towards mobile devices. The kinds of tasks we used to do only sitting at a desk and keyboard are typically only a tap or two away no matter where we happen to be.

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