Finding Parallels Between Golf and Life

Reasons Why Golf is a Healthy Game to Play

Playing golf is very fun and lucrative. You can have a lot of fun while playing golf. Playing golf is a better way to keep your body and mind relaxed. Playing golf is not only important for your body but also for your mind. By playing golf you are able to improve your level of thinking. Its ok to play a game whether a male or a female. Playing golf brings you unlimited advantages.

Playing golf involves a lot of walking and running at times thus playing golf gives you the chance to exercise your body. Not being an expert is also advantageous in that you have to move a lot and the more you move the more you exercise which contributes to a healthy body. To keep away heart diseases as well as lung disorders golf playing is a good activity for you. Playing golf helps in reducing fats from your body through increased metabolism hence you are able to lose unwanted weight from your body.

Golf playing as an exercise increases the rate at which your brain cells work and as a result your brain power is highly increased. According to studies, cells are created when you are constantly involved in some sought of an activity that works you out. Pumping enough oxygen to your brain ensures that the power of your brain is increased and your rate of thinking is improved as well. Golf playing improve your mental health and you are able to think fast and properly.

When you play golf you are able to meet new people as well as socialize with them. Golf is one of the highest social game as it can be played anytime of the year anywhere in the world. This comes as a great social activity given that you are able to interact with people from different social classes all over the world. Making friends is an important part of your life as it builds your social life as well.

Golf playing offers you a great way to reducing stress and anxiety. Most of golf clubhouses are located in very cool and serene environments away from the city. Fresh air aids in increasing a body secretion that helps to boost your moods. Playing golf also provides you with an escape from your normal life.

Golf is a simple game to learn as well as to play as you do not have to strain unlike games such as rugby. You do not need so much energy such as that of football to play golf. This makes it an ideal game to be played by people of all ages whether young people or the old. The old may find it very ideal from them as they do not require much energy to play the game.

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