Short Course on OBGYN – Covering The Basics

Know What the Urogynecologists Do and Why Women Should Visit Them Regularly

Urogynecologists are qualified physicians who understand reproductive health areas such as gynecology, obstetrics, and urology better. It’s known that the urogynecologists deal with non-cancerous conditions that affect the pelvic organs in women among other pelvic problems. Your pelvic organ can undergo reconstructive surgery if the pelvic muscles are tissues are not healthy, and the best medical professional to see for this treatment is the urogynecologist.

If you have some gastrointestinal problems, you can see an experienced urogynecologist and get the help you need even though most people associate them with just reproductive issues. Fecal incontinence or urinary incontinence is another medical disorder that these medical experts handle very well. Pelvic organ prolapse is among the serious disorders that affect the pelvic floor in most women, and the urogynecologist know how to treat such problems.

From what any esteemed urogynecologist would explain, the pelvic floor is comprised of tissues, ligaments, and muscles that support the uterus, urethra, rectum, and bladder. When one of these areas is weak, you may develop a severe pelvic floor disorder if you don’t see a qualified urogynecologist in good time. Many of the urogynecologists you may find today insist that the pelvic floor issues won’t cause the pain they cause in women if only they were regular visitors to their urogynecologist’ office.

Most urogynecologists affirm that genetics and childbirth issues can cause pelvic floor disorders in a big way. Urinary incontinence can develop as a result of various reasons, but obesity and smoking are among the leading causes as most urogynecologists would put it. If your relationship with your urogynecologist is good, they might have told you that chronic diseases, surgery, aging, and repeated heavy lifting could also lead to pelvic floor disorders.

The urogynecologist will first analyze the condition of your pelvic floor before they decide on the muscles exercises you should do or any other treatment to go for. These muscle exercises are meant to help your bladder develop the ability to control urine and also keep the pelvic floor muscles strong. If you check at the approach many urogynecologists have on pelvic floor conditions, you will discover that they sensitize women on how they prevent them instead of how they can treat them.

Your urogynecologist may also decide on the medication you should get if the condition demands it. A qualified urogynecologist may also ask you to get some supporting devices if they would work better than the medications. A caring and competent urogynecologist will ask the patient if they are comfortable with the treatment selected.

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